What to Pack in Your Camera Bag – A Guide for Travel Photography in 2016

Manfrotto Travel Backpack SideWhat to Pack in Your Camera Bag – A Guide for Travel Photography in 2016

You’ve got your dslr loaded into your camera backpack, are ready to go on your first  job, or you are itching to head out on a photo-expedition.

So, what extras do you need to pack in your camera bag to make it complete when traveling?

Everyone has suggestions for what they think you will need in your camera bag. And, photographers love to share photo-dumps of the contents of their camera bags. DCBHQ has assembled the most comprehensive list of items gleaned from insider advice and seasoned photographers alike.

Taking into consideration the base needs for your photography equipment, Dummies.com has laid out the core photography equipment requirements concisely – which we are detailing below.


What to Pack in Your Camera Bag:

If you have a Small, Medium or Large Camera Backpack you will want to include the basic camera gear and camera cleaning gear that can fit into your camera backpack.

Starting with the smallest bag and adding in items as your bag grows in size or based on what type of shoot you are undertaking – build from this list as your trip gets longer and you will need more essentials along the way.

For a Small Camera Backpack such as the  Victoriatourist Camera Backpack you will want to carry:


For a Medium Camera Backpack such as the Manfrotto Pro 50:

For a Large Camera Bag such as the Lowepro Pro Trekker 650 AW Add in These Items:


To help you decide what extras to pack in your camera bag if you are a Wedding or Portrait Photographer, Outdoor Photographer, Urban photographer, or just a tourist who wants to be well-prepared on vacation, cherry pick items from the list below that best suit your situation.

Wedding Photographers will want to carry in their dslr camera bag Bride and Groom (mostly Bride!) Survival items:

what to pack in my camera bag

Outdoor Photographers who take trips to waterfalls or into the wilderness will want to stash in their dslr bag an assortment of items depending upon where they are going:

And please let someone know where you are going and when you are expected to be back. The weather may change unexpectedly and have you running for cover. Or you may take a tumble with a heavy pack full of gear. It’s better to be safe and share your route with someone just in case.

camera messenger bag, cordura camera messenger bag

Urban Photographers & Tourist Photographers will want to carry in their dslr backpack (or dslr messenger bag) items that are useful for photography in city environments.

Cherry-picking from the Outdoor Photographer’s list will come in handy. If you plan to travel to an area that you know you will encounter a variety of environments (sun, sand, dirt, moisture or rain, humidity, etc), be sure to pack proper camera and lens cleaning gear, bug spray, sunscreen, mini-tripod or monopod, lens loupe, rain hood for your camera, external flash or flash diffuser, snacks and a collapsible water bottle.

Additionally take a local Language Dictionary or list of common phrases including, “May I take your picture?”, electrical socket adapter for international travel, a compact umbrella, business cards & model releases.

burton fstop, What to Pack in Your Camera Bag

Sports or Event Photographers who shoot in loud environments (ie race tracks, concerts) will want to pack Ear Plugs to keep their hearing in tact.

Race tracks with the engines revving can damage the ear drums. The same applies to concerts. If you are shooting where it will be loud, be sure to take a couple of sets of high density ear plugs in case you lose a pair.


what to pack in my camera bag, manfrotto camera backpack, What to Pack in Your Camera Bag
And, no matter where you go, someone may want to have your contact info or you may want to share your email address and portfolio link. And, as mentioned before, it’s always a good idea to carry a few Business Cards with you when you’re out shooting.

If you like taking pictures of people, you might want to ask permission and offer to send them a picture. A business card will reassure them of your intentions and provide your contact details.  Photographer’s business cards also help reassure security officials you might encounter in cities and or near public buildings.

Be a Featured Photographer:

Photographers love to post photos of what’s in their bags. Now that you’ve got your bag full and are set-up, send us a photo & bio to be a featured photographer!

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