Week In Review: 8.29.15

Surf photography and equipment advice for budding surf photographers, Burton Festival pack and a slick waterproof dry bag: find out more in this week’s Week In Review.

jeff davis surf photography

Photo via Instagram @jeff_davis

If you are thinking about surf photography as a hobby take the advice of Russell Ord and stick with what you know. Dive Photo Guide has rounded up some of the best advice for newbie surf photographers. Use your current dslr body and start out with a lightweight pistol grip housing by Aquatech and a 50mm lens. Get good at something entry level and relatively inexpensive before graduating to a more complicated set up.

waterproof dry bags, sealline bags

Keeping your camera gear dry and free of sand is always essential. Dry bags are a must-have. Check out the line of dry bags from Seal Line. You will find what you need to carry your dslr gear from your surf rig to the playa.

mushroom pack from burton

Whether you are carrying your dslr, a six pack of beer or shrooms… this Burton Cooler pack oddly doubles as a camera or beer buddy. Take what you need and leave the rest behind.