Wedding Photographer Training Courses

wedding photographer training courses onlineProfessional wedding photographer training courses are a must-take for any photographer wanting to break into the competitive wedding photography market.

CreativeLive has created a vast opportunity for photographers to learn the skills needed to succeed in the competitive wedding photography field.

Here are 3 of the must-take courses you should master to set yourself apart as a top-notch wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographer Training Courses:

Photography Starter Classes
photography classes for beginners

Before you take the deep dive into wedding photography, get a refresher course on the principles of photography. It’s a good beginner and intermediate photography course designed to teach you the skills necessary to create amazing photos &  get a refresher course on your camera basics. Learn the most essential features of your camera such as how to use the f-stop, shutter speed, and other camera functions that will help you to create memorable photos. Make sure you are prepared before diving deep into the wedding photography courses. And, build a renewed love for manual mode so you can create inspiring photographs of your travels, your friends and family, or the great outdoors. This course should be the basis to build on, even if you think you know everything there is to know about your dslr.

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Engagement Photography Course from CreativeLive
engagement photography courses online

Engagement photography shoots require a mix of technical and interpersonal skills to capture that “forever moment in time” when two people fell in love. Great photos don’t require an abundance of expensive, demanding equipment. High-quality, creatively shot photographs should look natural and evocative, and they can be achieved with the gear you already have in your kit. Learn how to take natural, yet heart-felt photos. Build your engagement photography portfolio the right way, with gorgeous and awe-inspiring images.

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Wedding Photography Classes at CreativeLive
Wedding Photographer Training Courses, wedding photography courses online, wedding photography training courses online

Get your wedding photography business in-shape for the wedding season! April showers will soon be followed by a slew of May weddings! CreativeLive has an exhaustive Wedding Photography Bootcamp that will give you the tools you need to run the most successful wedding photography business you can. Taking amazing photos is half the battle in this business, what you need to make money and run a business is something you probably didn’t learn in school. With this awesome CreativeLive Wedding Photography course, you’ll learn the marketing, shooting, posing, and branding skills you’ll need to thrive as wedding photographer.

On the business end, renowned photographer Jasmine Star will teach you how to:

  • Create an effective business plan
  • Attract new clients
  • Establish and communicate pricing
  • Build a referral network
  • Get free marketing
  • Prompt clients to get natural-looking poses
  • Leverage natural light so everyone looks gorgeous
  • Deal with unexpected events and shoot under pressure
  • Cull, edit, and market on social after the event

Take a peek at the modules you’ll be learning in this wedding photography course:

“This comprehensive class offers powerful insight into how one of world’s leading wedding photographers runs her business and gives you the tools you need to pick up your camera, follow your dreams, and develop a rewarding career in wedding photography.”

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No matter what your skill level, CreativeLive has courses that will teach you how to become a better photographer in any field you want to pursue! Whether or not you need wedding photographer training courses or the basics, head over to CreativeLive and grow your skill set at a reasonable price for all photographers!

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