[Unconventional] DSLR Camera Bags

DIY Camera Bags

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So you are kind of tired of seeing the run of the mill camera cases or dslr messenger bags. You want to throw (or gently place) your camera into a very cool bag and keep it protected.

padded neoprene dslr camera case, camera cases


First thing you will need is to get your hands on a neoprene camera case to wrap up your dslr and keep it safe. USA Gear makes a dope padded neoprene dslr case. The exterior has a waffle texture padding for protection. A carabiner makes it easy to attach inside the bag or on your belt loop when you want to grab your camera quickly. And, pick up a set of neoprene padded lens cases for your arsenal.

padded neoprene lens case, camera cases

Now you’ve got a dope case and lens protection… check out the Timbuk2 Bici messenger bag. This is not your brother’s bike bag. It has the familiar Timbuk2 look, but it’s more stealth.

timbuk2 camera messenger, dslr camera messenger


Also, a padded trampoline like back panel keeps the bag from heating up around your hip. The bag is gently suspended away from your body so that air can flow easily. This extra support is perfect protection when your bag is full of lenses and a dslr body.

timbuk2 camera messenger, dslr camera messenger

Another bike brand you may have heard of is Brooks England. The Pickwick Backpack has roll top perfect for slipping your dslr and camera lenses in and out of easily.

brooks england bike messenger bag

Handsome and refined, Brooks England bags are made with the bicyclist in mind. A chest harness keeps the bag safe on your body when you are biking in town or out in the country. Your dslr or mirrorless camera gear will stay snug as a bug in your bag.

Definitely pick up the padded neoprene cases… and then find a bag you love – whether it’s Brooks England or Timbuk2, custom dslr carry options are endless. If you aren’t sure which way to go, here are 10 camera bag brands you should get to know.