The Best Camera Messenger Bags on Kickstarter: Peak Design

Peak Design Interior

The best camera messenger bags are a subjective subject matter, yet Peak Design and photographer Trey Ratcliff have collaborated to create a line of messenger bags and photography accessories that exceed most people’s expectations.

13 inch peak design capture clip side loop

Voted by National Geographic and Men’s Journal as Best Gear of the Year… and voted for with over 4.7 Million Dollars of other people’s money in pre-sales on

Peak Design is creating a groundswell of customers before their products hit the stores.

With the support of thousands of photography consumers, Peak Design has built a line of bags, straps and intelligently designed accessories for dslr and mirrorless photographers.

Here are 3 of the best camera messenger bags (and a proven best seller on Kickstarter) you can buy for under $250.

What makes Peak Design products stand out?Peak Design Every Day Messenger Interior

  • Form and function.
  • Reinvention.
  • Exceptional fabrics.
  • Exceptional details.
  • Adaptable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Protective.
  • Lifetime Warranty.


3 Best Camera Messenger Bags from Peak Design

Peak Design 15″ Everyday Messenger

13 inch peak design capture clip side loop
The external dimensions are 12” x 17” x 7” overall and fit the protected laptop sleeve holds 13”-15” computers.

The dimensions are 13.5 L minimum, 20.5 L maximum and will expand and contract depending upon how much gear you have on you.

And the empty weight is 2.5 pounds. Weatherproof waxed shell with premium weatherproof zippers.

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Peak Design 13″ Everyday Messenger – The Spitting Image of the 15″ Bag Above

13 inch peak design tripod, 3 best camera messenger bags


Peak Design has added a 13″ Everyday Messenger and a Field Pouch (below) so you can head out into the world with the gear you need for the moment.

Specifications include 11” x 15” x 5” dimensions that will expand and contract depending upon how much gear you have on you.

The minimum internal capacity is 6L and the max is 14L. it fits a 13″ Laptop in an external pocket on the back panel… And the empty weight is 2.2 lbs.

The 13″ Everyday Messenger will become your best travel companion.

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Peak Design Field Pouch – Wing Bag Bundle

Peak Design Field Pouch Wing Bag Bundle
The Field Pouch is designed to fit inside the front compartment of the 15″ Everyday Messenger – or you can add Peak Design straps to make this the perfect size for your Mirrorless Camera.

We featured the Field Pouch in our Mirrorless Camera Bag article – learn more!

The Field Pouch can also attach to your belt for quick access to essential gear, Peak design pouchor clip a strap onto the bag’s built-in lash tabs.

Made from a waxed outer shell material and padded with felt inside to protect your gear.

There are 6 interior mesh stretchy pockets to hold your everyday carry gear or camera accessories.

There is a loop on the front to attach a Peak Design Capture Clip for small cameras like the mirrorless sort or binoculars and what-nots. The dimensions are 10.25” x 5.4” x .5” (empty) / 10.25” x 8” x 5” (full). 

The Field Bag can be purchased without a strap or you can pick up the Wing Bag Bundle and get the strap included. We recommend this option for maximum versatility.

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Why you should buy a Peak Design Everyday Messenger:

With mid-century architectural style details built into the aesthetic, an interior form to fit your camera gear, and the external functionality to carry your camera clipped on for easy access – combine this with high performance materials – you’ll be in love with these bags.

The Everyday Messenger features expandable origami inspired removable dividers that allow you to customize the interior of the messenger to fit your daily needs.

If you are a guy or gal who takes your camera everywhere you go, create a custom fit for your daily walk around camera kit.

The dividers are thinner than most foam padded inserts and will snugly hug your gear without making the bag bulk up at your hip.

Externally, you can attach the Peak Design Capture Clip or the Peak Design Pro Capture Clip on dedicated attachment points outside your bag for easy access. There are smart pockets for your extras including keys, lens caps, phones, cords, wallet, etc.

Water resistant fabrics will bead up rain and roll off instead of letting it soak through to the interior where your laptop is waiting patiently for you to upload photos at the end of the day.

Tripod Holder Peak designIf you ride a bike, the shoulder straps can be shortened to fit your body
while cycling
, and a secondary strap wraps around your waist and clips shut to hold your messenger firmly where you want it.

The 13″ Everyday Messenger carries over the same features as the 15″ but is pared down to fit a smaller frame or minimalist needs.

Carry just enough to get you through the day and into the night with an extra low light lens. Or pack up your mirrorless kit with your laptop and a few Cliff bars for the day.

If you are a mirrorless camera user and want a bag just big enough – get the Field Pouch Wing Bag Bundle. It is the Field Pouch with the strap included. A perfectly sized small camera bag to fit your minimalist leanings.


Peak Design DSLR and Mirrorless Camera Accessories

Peak Design Capture Clip

Peak design capture clipAttach your camera to the Capture Clip for easy access to your camera when you need it. It will easily stay put on the clip while you are active and moving around.

The clip can attach to your backpack strap, belt, Peak Design Messenger or Peak Design Field Pouch. 

Easily remove your camera from the clip in seconds so you don’t miss a shot.

The Peak Design Capture Clip holds up to 200 lbs. We doubt you’ll need to carry that much weight though.

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Peak Design Slide Camera Sling

Peak design camera sling

The Peak Design Slide Camera Sling is 3 straps in one – a neck strap, sling or cross body.

The Camera Sling is made with a smooth side and a grippy side to keep the strap in place while adding comfort.

You can use it with heavy cameras because it will hold up to 200 lbs.

It’s one of the best large camera slings made, but it can also delicately carry your diminutive mirrorless system with ease. 

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Peak Design SlideLITE Camera Strap – Perfect for Mirrorless or Point and Shoot Camerasbest mirrorless camera strap

Peak design mirrorless camera strap 2Peak Design’s SlideLITE strap holds your mirrorless kit perfectly because it’s just a little less beefy than the Slide strap. 

If you want something subtle but stable and techie – this is the strap for you. This camera strap is perfect for smaller cameras.

The webbing is 1.25″ wide, not as thick as the Slide strap and ideal for carrying mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

Wear SlideLITE as a sling, neck or shoulder strap, and the aluminum quick-adjusters allow you to change strap length on the fly. 

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Discover the Peak Design Pro Team. Photographers who Use & Abuse Peak Design Products Daily.

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