Best Mirrorless Camera Hand Straps

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Mirrorless cameras need a smaller hand straps than larger DSLR cameras. We’ve put together a short list of mirrorless camera hand straps for different end uses – including a floating strap that can also be used on your GoPro.

If you are heading out with your waterproof mirrorless camera, you can use a floating wrist strap to keep your gear from sinking quickly.

Or if you like a more techie version for your Olympus or Fuji, pick up a SpiderLite (when it hits the stores) or a Peak Design Cuff.


1. Spiderlite Hand Strap for Mirrorless Cameras

They launched a Mirrorless Camera Hand Strap project on Kickstarter and were over 300% funded. When will the Spider Mirrorless Camera Hand Strap hit stores? The estimated delivery is July 2016 for customers who pre-bought. We will keep you posted as to in-store delivery.



2. Peak Design Cuff Mirrorless Camera Wrist Strap

best mirrorless camera wrist strap, mirrorless camera hand straps

Peak Design’s Cuff mirrorless camera wrist strap fits your mirrorless kit or a GoPro. Simple design that creates a light weight wrist cuff loose when you need room to move and can wrap up into a discrete wrist cuff when not in use. A minimalist design that uses Peak Design’s Anchor Link Quick-Connection System. The cuff comes with 2 anchor link connectors. One is a spare and the other connects to your camera so you can attach the wrist cuff quickly or remove your camera and stow it in your mirrorless camera bag.  Learn More or Buy Now!

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3. AESKIMO Aive Cotton and Leather Wrist Strap for Mirrorless Cameras

Aesikmo Leather and Canvas Wrist Strap 2, mirrorless camera hand straps

Aesikmo Leather and Canvas Wrist StrapAeskimo makes a cotton and leather wrist strap that is comfortable with a microfiber lined strap.

If you want to be stylish instead of techie, this is the perfect mirrorless camera wrist strap to secure your camera.

Imported from Switzerland.

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4. Waterproof Camera Floating Wrist Straps

Float Pro Floating camera wrist strapKeep your waterproof camera from sinking with the FloatPro camera wrist strap.

You can use this for your waterproof mirrorless, point and shoot or GoPro camera.

The wrist strap is the same material as wet suits so it dries off easily if it gets wet.

It’s also long enough so that you can take pictures. It can hold cameras that weigh about 8oz.

Take it to the beach, on a boat, water activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, surfing, rafting, and on vacation where you worry about dropping your camera into the water.

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5. Techion Braided 550 Paracord Adjustable Camera Wrist Strap for Mirrorless Cameras

The Techion Paracord Camera Hand Strap is made Paracord Camera Wrist Strapfrom durable 550 Type III Paracord and will securely hold your mirrorless cameras, binoculars and other valuable tech gear from hitting the ground when you don’t want it to.

This paracord mirrorless camera hand strap will easily adjust to fit all wrist sizes.

The Techion Braided Paracord wrist strap measures approximately 16 inches in total length.

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