Spotlight On: Compagnon Bags

Compagnon bags, based out of Germany, has added depth to their line up of camera bags and everyday dslr carry options. When we got to know Compagnon in mid-2015 they had one excellent leather dslr messenger and were traveling the US hawking their gear.

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Now Compagnon has an arsenal of digital camera bag options to satisfy most everyone’s camera carry preference.

compagnon backpack

Photo via Compagnon Bags


Compagnon “the backpack”

This is a hearty ruck style dslr pack with a canvas body and all leather back panel. Featuring a fully opening back panel to access your gear, you will need to remove the pack for changes to your lenses on the fly. While the leather is rich and handsome and the back panel is vented offering many channels of airflow, a concern is that the leather back panel will heat up when you are traveling in the summer months. The bag is handsome, though, and sure to turn heads while you are taking pics.


compagnon ladies dslr tote

Photo via Compagnon Bags

Compagnon “the unique”

Adding a companion for the ladies, Compagnon has created a stunning ladies dslr tote to their line up. It features the beautiful signature leather found in Compagnon’s line up. Carry your dslr gear with style or remove the interior padding to make this a stunning every day tote for work.


waxed canvas messenger

Photo via Compagnon Bags

Compagnon Little Messenger in Waxed Canvas

An excellent option for the Vegans in the house. A canvas version of their original all leather DSLR Messenger. The Little Messenger bag can carry a dslr body and a couple of lenses. The canvas looks heavy enough to keep your gear stable while not adding too much weight overall.

The vegan little messenger is made from ‘waxed canvas‘, held in high regard as sail fabric since the early years of British naval dominance.

Looking for more ladies dslr or waxed canvas messengers? See the Domke Canvas Vintage Messenger or ONA Bags Capri DSLR Tote.