3 Best Leather Camera Wrist Straps

best camera hand strap

DSLR wrist straps are as personal as the lens and dslr body you choose to shoot with. Leather camera wrist straps give you a feeling of rugged luxury and add a touch of class to your shot kit. In this Spotlight on segment we’ve put together a short list of 3 of the best camera wrist straps for you to buy from.

As you wear your leather wrist strap it will develop its own sense of character and uniqueness along side your development as a photographer.



best camera hand strap

Best Leather Camera Wrist Straps

1) Tap and Dye | LEGACY leather camera wrist strap made from Horween Leather

Tap and Dye are based out of Long Island City (LIC), NY and make custom leather camera straps. The LEGACY is T&D’s premium wrist strap which is hand stitched using weather treated bonded nylon tiger thread for durability and strength. Cut from premium Horween Chromexcel leather hides each strap is 7 oz thick and features minimal metal components to ensure protection from scratches and dings. Tap and Dye custom make each strap with either red or white stitching so that each one is as unique as the photographer carrying it. Expect to wait a few weeks for your very own leather strap as each one is made to order.

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best camera hand grip

best camera hand grip2) Herringbone | Heritage Leather Hand Grip

The Herringbone brand Heritage Hand Grip is made of soft genuine leather and fits your hand like a glove while gripping your dslr body. This type of camera strap is excellent for someone who wants to keep the dslr in hand and ready to shoot for longer stretches. Imagine a fashion photographer who has the camera in action for a few hours. This leather grip will help alleviate fatigue by giving the hand some structure to hold the camera.

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Holdfast gear python camera leash 1

3) Holdfast Gear | Python Camera Leash

Even though this is genuine snake skin, unless you are ready for the Amazon, you may want to keep this Python camera leash at a safe distance. Holdfast Gear, who is known for their genius genuine leather Money-Maker, has put together an awesome Phython skin camera leash. Don’t let your gear slither away.

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Whichever leather camera strap you choose to accentuate your unique photography style, this list should get you pointed in the right direction. If you want to share photos of your wrist strap or camera bag in action you can find info on how to submit your photos and gear shots here.