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Poler Camera Bags

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Poler Stuff brand makes very cool camp gear. Their Napsack is one of my favorite things in the whole world. It’s the perfect mix of cozy and campy and lazy rolled into one. I’d wear it to work if I could. The office is sooo cold, and it’s a lot cooler than a snuggie. What Poler has done with camping gear, they’ve done with camera gear.

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Poler takes the conventional, adds a trailblazing twist, and brings products out from under a rock to see the light of day. Poler camera bags are the same deal. Look at the Poler Mega Camera Cooler. You can place 2 six packs inside or empty the contents & replace the PBR’s with the padded Poler camera insert to have a pretty dope camera bag.


Another awesome Poler camera bag is the collab with Pendleton. The Pendleton X Camera cooler holds a 6 pack and a box of blueberries, or you can stash your dslr, mirrorless camera and a few accessories inside the padded compartment.

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When yer ready for the beach at sunset with your friends, leave the camera behind and take 6 PBR’s for a good time. Or if you want a basic camera cooler, pick up the less flashy version in solid camp colors. See More Colors


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Poler’s camera backpack – Wildwood Pack – has a padded bottom compartment for your mirrorless camera or dslr + a few lenses or camera accessories.

The top half of the bag is perfect for personal items or to stash camera accesories. Pick up a Poler “Camp Vibes” patch or a workman’s beanie, and you are ready to be the coolest hipster in Bklyn.


The Poler camera bags are cool camera bag + camera cooler combinations for cool photographers. Shop all the Poler Products and find the perfect camera cooler + camera bag combo for you.