Photography Resources

Here’s a list of Photography Resources for 2017:

If you are looking for inspiration in 2017 – Here are 14 Books to Inspire Your Photography

If you are looking for creative ideas for your photography projects – Here is a long list of Photography Project Themes to Get You Going

If you want to make your own portfolio online – Learn How to Make a Photography Website Here

Here are some of my favorite photographers and their insights to help you grow as a photographer.

David Duchemin

One of my early inspirations is David Duchemin and his Craft and Vision Ebooks. 

He’s a “humanitarian” photographer and author. I’ve bought a ton of his books, and when he started publishing them they were super cheap, $4 – $5 each. The price has gone up on some a bit, but they are well worth the read. The pictures are stunning and his easy to read and very conversational style make him super likeable!

My top 3 of his books are:

#1 A Beautiful Anarchy: When the Life Creative Becomes the Life Created- get it now  on Kindle

#2 Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision (Voices That Matter) – buy it now  on Kindle

#3 VisionMongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography – an awesome book on Kindle

Ian Shive

I am also super inspired by Ian Shive.

He started his own stock photography site, Tandem Stills + Motion for outdoor and performance sports. Check out his website and if you are an performance sport photographer see if you can become a stock photo contributor. I contributed a few pics when his site was first up, but performance sport photography isn’t my gig at this point.

Chase Jarvis

And another to die for photographer is Chase Jarvis. He’s got an amazing blog and pushes the boundaries with his give back to the photography community.

I love this quote:

Whether trying to break a creative block or sustain a creative flow, we have been searching for a secret on this topic for centuries…. I’ve given some talks on how I believe creativity is the new literacy and anything we can do to further creative forces – I’m all for it.


So, what are your inspirations? Who motivates you? Jimmy Chin? Ben Lowy? Art Wolfe? Jai Photo?