Poler Camera Bags Poler Stuff brand makes very cool camp gear. Their Napsack is one of my favorite things in the whole world. It’s the perfect mix of cozy and campy and lazy rolled into… View Full Post


wedding photographer training courses online

Professional wedding photographer training courses are a must-take for any photographer wanting to break into the competitive wedding photography market. CreativeLive has created a vast opportunity for photographers to learn the skills needed to succeed… View Full Post

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diy dslr tactical bag, tactical camera bag, tactical dslr camera bag, tactical photography gear

Tactical Camera Bag There are a few tactical camera bags on the market (including tactical backpacks & sling bags), but a great way to create a diy tactical camera bag for photojournalists is to pick up… View Full Post

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Best GoPro Camera Backpack GoPro Camera Bag GoPro Backpack

Best GoPro Backpack & Action Camera Bags There are 4 major reasons to buy a GoPro backpack: GoPro backpacks free up your hands when you are being active and can’t hold your camera, especially if there is a strap or… View Full Post

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best camera backpack for hiking

Best Camera Backpack for Hiking When choosing the best camera backpack for hiking, you’ll want to consider 3 key aspects of your trip. How long you’ll be gone. What you will be shooting and how much gear… View Full Post

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