Best Padded Camera Insert for Backpacks & Messenger Bags

Best Padded Camera Insert for Your Own Bag

Padded Neoprene Lens Case with Cinch Top and lensThere are a lot of padded camera insert options to protect your camera gear in the bag you already own. You can pick up a super cheap, but good, BBP DSLR camera insert, a branded Crumpler camera insert, Tenba BYOB inserts, or DIY Neoprene inserts and a whole lot more. It seems like there is a never-ending supply of padded camera inserts on the market.

Padded camera inserts make packing your camera gear in a protective shell easy and affordable. Neoprene inserts from brands such as Altura are best for keeping your gear lightly protected.

Padded Lens Cases: You can pick up lens cases in 3 or 4 packs and super affordable.

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Padded Camera Inserts 

camera bag inserts for backpacks

The ONA Roma Padded camera insert is a stylish camera bag insert made from waxed canvas with hits of leather – it’s a perfect camera insert for a purse. This padded camera insert will fit into a handbag, duffel, messenger or backpack.  Easily turn your messenger bag into a padded camera bag. Open the flap of your tote bag or messenger bag gain quick access to your camera gear. You can also carry it on its own without a bag.

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Crumpler Haven Camera Bag Insert

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Crumpler camera inserts are also a stylish option. If you’re a fan of Crumpler products, you’ll love this padded camera insert to pack your camera gear for travel in your messenger, backpack or duffel bag.

It has a couple of dividers and will fit a camera and extra lens easily. The Crumpler Haven camera bag insert is a good option if you need a DSLR messenger bag insert on the fly.

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Rolling Camera Bag Insert

If you are traveling, pick up a rolling camera bag insert that will fit in your carry-on luggage. This large, 20″, size rolling camera bag insert will fit into most carry-on size luggage.

camera bag insert for rolling luggage, camera bag insert for backpacks

This rolling camera bag insert is padded on all sides, including the lid, and comes with an orange hi-vis interior. Keep your gear protected in transit in your rolling luggage or use the carry-handle to carry it with you to a shoot. This rolling camera bag insert is a good solution for protecting your photography equipment and will get the job done.

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Mountainsmith Camera Insertcamera bag insert for backpack, mountainsmith kit cube review, mountainsmith camera insert

Check out a variety of MountainSmith camera inserts for your backpack, luggage or messenger bag. The Mountainsmith camera insert will fit almost any pack or messenger that you have.

The Mountainsmith camera inserts come in a few sizes, so check Amazon for best camera insert option for your kit. Fully padded cubes that close on top are the best choice for travel. Mountainsmith camera inserts reviews from customers & Mountainsmith even has a micro camera insert for smaller cameras like mirrorless or point and shoot options.

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Mountainsmith Kit Cube – Chris Burkard TAN Kit Cube

Mountainsmith Kit Cube Chris Burkard Series, padded camera insertCustomize your camera bag with a Mountainsmith kit cube designed with legendary photographer Chris Burkard.

The large Mountainsmith kit cube is a durable, water resistant padded camera insert that offers top-notch protection, organization, and compatibility with your camera gear.

You can put the kit cube in most bags & packs to keep your camera gear organized. Made from 610D HP Cordura®, this is the last camera bag insert you’ll ever buy. This padded camera insert measures 7 x 10 x 10 inches. See interior dividers on Amazon.

Chris Burkard Signature Bag Walkthrough from Chris Burkard on Vimeo.

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Mindshift Gear Padded Camera Insert for Backpacks

Mindshift Gear make awesome camera cases & backpacks. If you are going hiking, this is an excellent choice to hold a lot of gear.

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The Mindshift Gear Professional Padded Camera Insert for backpacks will fit in most large-sized packs – especially top loading packs.

Gain access to your camera through the top of the padded camera insert, or access your lenses by pulling the insert out of your pack.

Be sure to measure your pack to confirm it will fit the padded camera insert in the main compartment. It’s one of the larger inserts on the list, but it can hold a whole lot more gear which makes it great for travel.

This is an excellent camera insert for a backpack you already own or a new one you are buying. You don’t always need to buy a dedicated DSLR pack to make it work.

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Learn more about the TENBA BYOB Padded Inserts System. Read reviews from your photography cohorts. 
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