Best Selling Camera Bags & Cases

Best Selling Camera Bags and Cases

Best Selling Camera Bags & Cases

Do you wonder what other people are buying in order to protect their photography gear? Which dslr camera bags, GoPro carrying cases, mirrorless camera bags and padded camera inserts are popular?

Learn which camera and lens protection make up our list of best selling camera bags and cases your photography cohorts are buying to protect their camera gear. The results may surprise you!


Best Selling GoPro Cases



TrioSportsUSA GoPro Camera Casegopro carrying case, gopro travel case

The Best Selling GoPro Carrying Case is a waterproof GoPro carrying case made by Trio Sport. It has a carabiner clip to attach to a backpack or duffel bag.

This GoPro carrying case has a waterproof zipper with ballistic cover to protect your GoPro Hero 3 or 4.

Easily transport everything you need while you are using your GoPro in action. Protective padding keeps all your GoPro accessories protected and dry in case it rains. Learn More – Need a GoPro Backpack? See our write-up of GoPro Action Camera Backpacks here.

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Amazon Basics GoPro Carrying Case

amazon basics gopro carrying caseOf course the Amazon Basics brand is on this list. Amazon makes great products, backed by tons of research of the best selling products on their site.

You know that when you buy an Amazon product, you are getting something good. It may not have the brand power like a GoPro case does, but it has a price point that you’ll love.

The Amazon Basics GoPro Carrying Case comes in 3 sizes, but the large size is on our best sellers list.

See the X-Small GoPro Carrying Case or the Small GoPro Carrying Case size and capacity.

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GoPole GoPro Travel Case

gopro travel case, gopro carrying caseThis GoPro travel case is a weather resistant soft GoPro carrying case that stores and protects up to two GoPro cameras while still leaving room for mounts and accessories.

Weatherproof zippers protect the contents from dust and water. An interior zip pocket keeps cables and memory cards safe and secure, while 2 mesh pockets hold clips, remotes, batteries and more inside.

The body fabric is made from durable materials. It’s one of the better looking GoPro cases available – next to the Thule GoPro case. The Venturecase is a soft but durable case for all your GoPro accessories.

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Best Selling Camera Bag Inserts


camera bag inserts for backpacks, padded camera insert, tenba byob

TENBA BYOB 9 Padded Camera Insert

The TENBA BYOB series are great padded camera inserts to protect a dslr or mirrorless camera. They have padded partitions to separate your photography gear and fit well in either a backpack or messenger bag.

I like to think of the TENBA BYOB padded camera insert series as the perfect balance of form and function.

With a zip around closure, side pockets, a top handle, and a padded zippered pocket inside under the flap, you get a great padded camera insert for backpacks or messenger bags without spending a lot of money. On our list of best sellers, the TENBA BYOB 7 & BYOB made the top 25 best sellers. Read our full review of the TENBA BYOB series here and learn why these padded camera inserts are so popular.

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padded camera insert

 i-graphy – G-raphy Padded Camera Insert

The G-raphy camera insert is a no-nonsense, no frill padded camera insert that fits inside a messenger bag or backpack. This is a pretty basic camera bag insert solution, but it will protect your camera from everything except being crushed by a 2 ton gorilla.

The padding is more than ample, the partitions are easily adjustable and there is a pocket on the front of the bag for memory cards or small cables.

If you are on a budget and need to carry your photography gear on vacation or to school, this is a great choice. The G-raphy padded camera insert will get the job done and not break your bank account.

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mountainsmith kit cube padded camera insert, padded camera inserts

Mountainsmith Kit Cube

The Mountainsmith Kit Cube is one of my favorite padded camera inserts, next to the TENBA BYOB series. The kit cubes just look good with the black body fabric and yellow accent piping down the middle.

The Mountainsmith kit cube will protect your camera gear inside a messenger bag, backpack, duffel bag, luggage or waterproof bag. If you are going on a trip, the kit cube is perfect to carry your camera gear.

The Mountainsmith kit cubes are made from 500d S-Kodra High Tenacity Nylon and feature an interior that is 8.25-Inch H x 9.5-Inch W x 4.25-Inch Deep. This padded camera insert has a roll top with side release buckle closure and comes with removable padded internal dividers to customize the inside of the camera insert.

If you like Mountainsmith products, you’ll appreciate the kit cube. Protect your photography gear in style for any commute, photography trip, or back country adventure.

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Best Selling Neoprene Padded Camera Protection

neoprene camera lens protectionAltura Neoprene Camera Lens Protection

These neoprene camera lens protectors can be used with a kit cube or padded camera insert inside your usual backpack or messenger bag. It’s no wonder so many people buy these…

They are an affordable camera lens protector and if you have a lot of gear to carry and not enough space in your padded camera insert, you can buy these to take more gear on location.

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neoprene camera case, padded camera insertFotodiox Neoprene Camera Case

The Fotdiox Neoprene Camera Case protects your dslr from ding, dents and offers a simple way to protect your camera in most bags and backpacks.

The Fotodiox case is reversible. The inside is a nice medium gray or keep the outside black if you like.

This is the neoprene camera case that photographer George Estreich uses to protect his dslr. Learn More about George’s gear here.

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Best Selling DSLR or Mirrorless Camera Bags

best mirrorless camera bag, mirrorless canvas messenger bag,Domke F-5XB Waxed Canvas Camera Messenger Bag

This is one handsome waxed canvas camera bag. The Domke camera bag fits a smaller dslr or is perfect as a mirrorless camera bag. Domke bags get better with age as the waxed canvas takes on a weathered and rugged look.

The body fabric produces a unique distressed look – like your favorite pair of jeans. This dslr camera bag OR mirrorless camera bag features “durable cotton canvas that is treated with special non-solvent waxes to afford the fabric a lifelong resistance to inclement weather”.

The Domke F-5XB can be used as a camera bag or thread it through your belt for an instant waist pack. The Domke waxed camera bag fits a smaller dslr (or mirrorless camera or analog camera for those old-schoolers out there) filters, film and accessories.

Five compartments and pockets give plenty of space for all of your gear. The interior padded main compartment is lined with hook and loop material so that the padded velcro enabled dividers can be customized to fit your set up. If you want to look like a famous photojournalist, it’s no surprise that this bag is at the top of our best-selling camera bags and accessories list.

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best mirrorless camera bagThink Tank Mirrorless Mover Mirrorlesss Camera Bag

It’s no surprise that mirrorless camera bags are topping the list. The move from bulky dslr camera is making a lot of headway in the photography world.

Now that you can buy a light-weight camera nearly the size of the average point and shoot but with a sensor rivaling dslr’s – at the same or better pricing – mirrorless cameras will likely make the dslr obsolete in 5-10 years.

Mirrorless cameras have advantages over dslr’s – no clacking mirror during the “I do’s”, less weight overall, smaller lenses with amazing capabilities… social sharing, built-in filters, 4k video and more.

If you haven’t bought at least an entry-level mirrorless camera for beginners to see what the rage is about, you should. The Think Tank mirrorless mover is a great mirrorless camera bag for any mirrorless camera.

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LowePro Passport Sling

Sling Style Camera BagThe LowePro Passport Sling messenger style camera bag is an expandable camera messenger bag. Fit a dslr, camera gear, other stuff you need for your trip easily inside.

It’s a good-looking camera bag that looks a little different from the rest. Whether you have a dslr or mirrorless camera, easily get your gear around with this camera bag.

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Best Selling Camera Accessories

peak design camera wrist strap

Peak Design Camera Cuff Wrist Strap

This is the camera wrist strap I own, along with the Peak Design Neck Strap. I use both interchangeably due to Peak Design’s amazing concept of a small, universal clip on and off attachment.

I know, I know, it’s not a bag or case, but it’s the best selling camera wrist strap based on my site’s stats this year.  Along with the Peak Design camera neck strap, you’ll have an awesome way to carry your camera when traveling.

The small disk attaches to your camera like all other straps, albeit a lot more easily. I’ve owned generic camera straps and wrist straps in the past and have found them to be awful to remove easily.

The Peak Design camera wrist strap, and neck strap, are so easy to take on and off. Just slide the disk into the attachment by snapping it in place. When you want to change straps from wrist to shoulder or back, push the disk down and the attachment releases the camera strap easily.

One thing I have noticed, which is easy to fix… I was on a walk and shooting some video but had left the clip attached in on the left side while using the wrist strap option. The little disk clicked against my camera while in video mode so the sound wasn’t so great. I removed the extra clip on the left side and kept on shooting.

The Peak Design camera cuff wrist strap is by far the best camera strap you can purchase, in my experience. The price is fantastic – definitely worth the purchase.

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Peak Design Mirrorless Camera Strap

This Peak Design camera strap is designated for a mirrorless camera, but it’s wide enough and sturdy enough to use on a full-sized dslr. The webbing width is 1.5″, which is a pretty standard messenger bag strap width (trust me, I’m a bag designer). If you pick up this strap, be sure to get the Peak Design wrist strap, too. I use both a Peak Design wrist strap interchangeably with a Peak Design neck strap and love the flexibility.

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White Balance Filter

white balance filterThis white balance filter is an essential tool for any photographer who wants to calibrate their camera for a reliable white balance in the field. Quickly and easily set an accurate custom white balance on-the-fly when shooting JPEG, or later in post production when shooting RAW.

Using this filter to set a custom white balance results in consistently balanced color and eliminates many of the yellow, red and blue color casts commonly seen in digital photography.

Eliminate many of the inconsistencies found when using white balance cards and targets, including unwieldy size, unwanted reflectivity, improper angling, and shadows.

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