Best Mirrorless Camera Bags for 2017

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Lowepro Streetline

Looking for the best mirrorless camera bags for your Sony, Fuji, Olympus or other mirrorless camera?



Best Mirrorless Camera Bags Reviewed

ImageTitle Our Rating: 1-10PriceSee This
DOMKE F-5XB mirrorless camera bagsDomke F-XB9$$$See This on Amazon
lowepro streetline mirrorless camera bagLowepro Streetline7$$$See This on Amazon
Crumpler mirrorless camera bagCrumpler 4 Million Dollar Hoome5$$$See This on Amazon
peak design field pouch mirrorlessPeak Design Field Pouch10$$See This on Amazon
think tank mirrorless mover micro four thirds camera bagThink Tank Mirrorless Mover8$$See This on Amazon
tamrac camera bagsTamrac Derechoe 38.5$$$See This on Amazon


When I first got my Sony A6000 mirrorless camera, I needed to find the best mirrorless camera bag to carry it. All the camera bags and cases I owned were for my Canon 7d and lenses.

Finding the best camera bag for a mirrorless system is easy now that mirrorless cameras have gone mainstream. Most non-photographers don’t know much about the concept and practice behind mirrorless cameras. I always get the “what’s that?” question, and then give the run-down on the mirrorless concept. The beauty of the mirrorless camera, as you know, is its small size and big capabilities.


Buying Mirrorless Camera Bags:

To carry your mirrorless camera you will want to pick up an affordable and smaller sized mirrorless camera bag. You won’t need to carry a lot of the larger lenses that your Canon or Nikon will warrant. Just having a smaller lens available ini your camera bag to switch out will be enough.

Here are 7 of the best mirrorless camera bags to choose from. Each of these mirrorless camera bags fits a different type of photographer and budget, but they all have one thing in common. They are snug and give you just the right amount of space to pack your camera without overdoing it.


7 Best Mirrorless Camera Bags for Mirrorless or Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Domke F-5XB Mirrorless Camera Bag

best mirrorless camera bag, mirrorless canvas messenger bag,

The Domke F-5XB bag is an astounding messenger bag for both dslr, mirrorless and micro four thirds photographers. And we love what Carryology* said about them. The Domke F-5XB is a beautiful workhorse of a camera bag. It’s made of waxed canvas and has just the right mix of vintage & modern.

best mirrorless camera bag, mirrorless canvas messenger bag,

Modern being the mirrorless camera and vintage being the look your bag will have as it wears with time. Waxed canvas is water-resistant and breaks-in comfortably. If you don’t like waxed canvas, the Domke F-5XB mirrorless camera bag also comes in Black, Dark Tan and Military Green. And, if you are the kind of photographer who prefers to carry everything at your waist, you can remove the shoulder strap, thread your belt through a tunnel on the back of the bag and have your gear easily at your side. This bag is also a good fit if you want to carry your dslr in a smaller camera bag without a lot of lenses and gear. The Domke F-5XB is an all around solid mirrorless camera bag that will last you for decades.

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Lowepro Streetline SL 140 Mirrorless Camera Bags

best mirrorless camera bags by lowepro

best mirrorless camera bags by lowepro, Streetline Back view, 7 best mirrorless camera bagsWear the Lowepro Streetline Mirrorless Camera Bag sling style (cross body) when on the move or on public transportation. And, it hangs naturally like any messenger bag when you are just heading out on the town.

Lowepro has made this the perfect camera bag for a mirrorless system for all weather conditions with water-repellent body fabrics.

The collapsible interior flex pocket lays flat and out of the way in the main compartment when you need to pack up your bag with a lot of gear other than your mirrorless camera.

You can also fit a laptop or tablet with cords… or extra batteries, SD cards, filters and valuables in this dslr/mirrorless messenger bag. When you are traveling through the airport, fit the Streetline over your luggage trolley handle with the built in back panel custom designed to slip over your luggage handle easily.

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ONA Bowery Leather Mirrorless Camera Bag

The Bowery Camera Bag by ONA holds a mirrorless camera and is one of the best camera bags for micro four thirds with two lenses and some camera accessories.

leather mirrorless camera messenger bag, ona bowery camera bag

Use the Bowery as a mirrorless camera bag or as an insert to protect your camera in a larger bag. By removing the straps at the sides, you can insert the Bowery into another bag as a padded protector for your camera gear.

leather mirrorless camera messenger bag, ona bowery camera bag

The Bowery mirrorless camera bag is handcrafted from Italian-tanned leather and is outfitted with antique brass accents. Definitely one of the most stylish camera bags around, the Bowery looks smart and handsome wherever you take it. Like the Domke F-5XB, the ONA Bowery comes in different colors and fabrications. You can pick up a waxed canvas Bowery in a few colors, or check out the all black leather Bowery if you’re not a fan of the cognac leather. Learn more here: ONA Bowery.

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best mirrorless camera hand and wrist straps

Looking for a Mirrorless Camera Wrist Strap?  Learn More!


Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home

crumpler mirrorless camera bag

Lurking behind the bag’s sizeable velcro fastener is a matching velcro silencer flap – it covers the velcro so that your bag is quiet when you need it to be. Utilize the front buckle only to keep your gear in place.

The main compartment features two configurable dividers with fold down flaps and a separate zippered mesh pocket to stash stuff – perfect for your mirrorless camera to stowaway in. Pictured below is a dslr so it gives you an idea of the size of the interior compartment.

crumpler mirrorless camera bag

The Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home mirrorless camera bag features water-resistant 900D body fabrics, polypropylene webbing, injection molded velcro and bonded nylon thread with bar tack stitching on all stress points.

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Peak Design Field Pouch – Perfect Mirrorless Camera Bag or Camera Bag for Micro Four Thirds

peak design field pouch

The Peak Design Field Pouch is the perfect camera bag for mirrorless cameras. The Field Pouch fits either your mirrorless camera or cords, accessories, batteries, hard drives, and other gear when you travel or head to work.

peak design gadget bag field pouch mirrorless camera bag 3

The Field Pouch is sold only as a pouch only so you will need to pick up the Peak Design Wing Bag Bundle  to turn this into an ultralight sling bag. The body fabric has a waxed outer shell and comes with felt inner padding.

Read more about Peak Design products in our feature article on Peak Design Messenger bags, Camera clips and gear.


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Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20 Mirrorless Camera Bag

Think Tank Mirrorless Mover Camera Bag 20

The Think Tank Photo Mirrorless Mover 20 Camera Bag is designed to hold your medium-sized, mirrorless camera along with 2 or 3 lenses and accessories. This mirrorless camera bag can be carried three ways different ways. First, use it as a traditional messenger bag with the adjustable shoulder strap. Secondly, carry the Think Tank mirrorless camera bag with the top grab handle. Finally, you can use the rear belt loop on the back of the bag to wear it at your waist as an easy to access mirrorless camera case.Think Tank Mirrorless Mover Camera Bag 20

The front zippered compartment of this mirrorless camera bag has two open accessory pockets to stash your extras in such as SD cards, cords and filters.

The body fabric is water resistant to keep your camera dry when you are outside. The underside of the lid has a touch fastened mesh pocket for small items – and a foul weather seam-sealed rain cover is included.


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Tamrac Derechoe 3 Mirrorless Camera Bag

tamrac mirrorless camera bag, small camera bag, best small camera travel bag

What is a ‘derechoe’? Derechoes are fast moving thunderstorms that create a wall of clouds where two air masses collide. Tamrac’s Derechoe™ series urban day shooting bags are understated but have all the features you want in small camera bag.

best mirrorless camera bags, tamrac mirrorless camera bag, small camera bag, best small camera travel bag

Perfect for a mirrorless camera and urban photo sleuthing, Tamrac was smart to feature just enough detailing for the little things like cell phone, keys, pens, filters, and cords to fit into the Derechoe 3 bag. Exemplary details make this the perfect mirrorless camera bag for the understated photographer.

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Now that you have 7 of the best mirrorless camera bags to choose from, pick one up, and send us a photo & bio to be a featured photographer! Find the best mirrorless camera bag, a small mirrorless camera case, a mirrorless camera wrist strap, a mirrorless camera backpack, and a wooden mirrorless camera base.

What We Love About Mirrorless Cameras:

Mirrorless cameras have many advantages over traditional dslr camera bodies.  For one, mirrorless cameras are sized nicely to be utilized in situations where you may not want your dslr to appear.

If you are on a trip taking inconspicuous shots of people in the street or taking images of exotic cuisine in restaurants, you’ll want to have a mirrorless camera on hand. Pulling your mirrorless camera out at a dinner table will capture less attention from other diners than pulling out a full frame dslr with a kit lens attached.

Mirrorless cameras are light weight and make taking travel photos easier throughout the day because they put less stress on your neck and shoulders as you carry your camera.

best selling mirrorless camera, best mirrorless camera, camera bag micro four thirds

** Find out Why We Recommend Sony Mirrorless Cameras**

If you are a wedding photographer, shooting with a mirrorless camera during the “I do’s” will make that moment between just them… not them AND your clacking dslr shutter.


Learn more about Mirrorless Cameras vs. DSLR

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