Best GoPro Backpack & Action Camera Bags

Best GoPro Camera Backpack GoPro Camera Bag GoPro Backpack, best gopro camera bag, best gopro camera backpackBest GoPro Backpack & Action Camera Bags

There are 4 major reasons to buy a GoPro backpack:

  1. GoPro backpacks free up your hands when you are being active and can’t hold your camera, especially if there is a strap or pack mount built on to capture live action
  2. Padded bags keep your camera safe when you’re bumping down the mountainside & fall off your bike or crashing on your snowboard
  3. GoPro bags with dedicated storage keep all your GoPro accessories in one place and give you easy access to mounts, cards, batteries, housings, filters, etc.
  4. You can store all your gear in one place when you get home and chillax until your next big adventure – throw on your bag and head out the door when adventure calls!

The best GoPro camera backpacks should be fully padded, have space for 2-5 cameras and hold all your GoPro  accessories & mounts.

6 Best GoPro Camera Backpacks:

GoPro Seeker Action Camera Backpack

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The GoPro Seeker is designed by GoPro &  maximizes your action adventure experience. The hydration-compatible and weather-resistant pack is a versatile 16L design with a lot of room to pack in all your GoPro accessories. This GoPro camera bag can stash up to 5 cameras and a ton of extra GoPro gear.

A built-in chest mount as well as shoulder mount are essential for the consummate GoPro photographer. This pack is perfect if you want to carry a fully branded GoPro accessories bag.

The GoPro Seeker is best camera backpack solution for adventurous GoPro photographers and outdoor enthusiasts. Read Reviews on Amazon




LowePro ViewPoint BP 250 AW

LowePro-ViewPoint-BP-250-AW-GoPro-BackpackThe LowePro ViewPoint BP 250 AW fits 1-3 GoPro cameras, GoPro accessories or other action and adventure video cameras. Inside, you can fit up to a 15″ laptop and a 10″ tablet. The cool thing about the LowePro 250 AW is that it can also fit a drone camera like the DJI Mavic Pro.

The interior design includes adjustable dividers on a wall of accessory straps to keep GoPro mounts, cables, batteries and such in place and secure. And, there’s a removable GoPro storage case you can access from the side to store more GoPro accessories.

The upper compartment has plenty of room to stash your go-to gear and personal stuff. It includes a loop to secure your favorite headphones. Strap your skateboard or snowboard on front. Read Reviews on Amazon


Thule TLGB-101 Legend GoPro Backpack

Thule GoPro Backpack, action camera backpack, gopro backpack, gopro bagThe Thule Legend GoPro backpack has two built on camera mounts to attach your GoPro cameras to capture your adventure from multiple angles. The crush proof interior padded compartment can hold up to three action cameras, remote controls, extra batteries, SD cards & more accessories as your adventure needs.

The interior is fully cleanable – you can remove all the die cut foam pads and rinse out the interior of mud, sand & muck. If you need hydration, there’s a hydration compartment for a liquids bladder. Read Reviews on Amazon




Tenba 14L Action Backpack for GoPro Cameras

Tenba GoPro Backpack GoPro Camera BagThe Tenba Shootout 14L ActionPack solves all the issues of protection, organization and quick access to your GoPro gear. The Tenba GoPro camera backpack is built to hold more than your action camera.

You can carry a helmet, 100-ounce hydration reservoir and some food. The front stash pockets open up to store your personal items.

This bag has rear access to the main compartment that allows you to access cameras, mounts and accessories without removing the bag from your body. Hold all your gear in four internal pouches that velcro to the back wall of the interior for easy organization and removal. Read Reviews on Amazon



Ogio Backstage GoPro Camera Backpack

Ogio Action Camera Backpack GoPro Camera BagThe GoPro© Hero was made for those on the go. The Backstage GoPro Camera Pack makes staying active easy. With a front padded access compartment, your camera can go from stored to shooting quickly, while the internal organizational panel has a place for all your extra accessories.

The Ogio Backstage pack has space for your extra tech gear and GoPro mounts. Or, switch that out and use the hydration-ready inner compartment for when things heat up. When they do, the ventilated air mesh back panel will keep you cool. Read Reviews on Amazon


InCase Ken Block GoPro Action Camera Backpack

InCase Ken Block GoPro Camera BackpackThis bag may not be the biggest on the block, but you can store a ton of stuff in it, and look badass in the process.

The Ken Block GoPro backpack from InCase can store your GoPro action camera gear and a DSLR plus mounting accessories, chargers, headphones, and an Ipad.

The strap has an action camera mount perfect for getting the shots you want. Read Reviews on Amazon

Now that you have a selection of GoPro camera cases and bags, choose the best bag for you and your GoPro accessories.

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