17 Best Gifts for Photographers 2016

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17 Best Gifts for Photographers Under $100 for 2016

We’ve hand-picked some of the best (cutest, affordable, practical, educational) photography gifts out there to make your life easier this holiday season. We know that the photographer in your life is hoping to get photography gear this year, so here are 17 of our favorite items under $100.

When picking up a gift for your photographer, think outside of the box. Don’t just get a cleaning kit – they probably already have one… 😉


Ona Roma Camera Insert

Perfect size for a mirroless camera or to fit inside a larger tote or backpack. Stylish with waxed canvas and leather trim. Your photographer will love this easy to carry, portable padded insert to fit inside another bag. It has a lot of stash pockets for extras including cords, filters, chargers, and flash.

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Aurora HDR Software

aurora hdr software

This is a different kind of gift. It’s a gift of software – which will make your photographer happy. HDR is a niche in the photography world that a lot of new photographers want to learn. Aurora makes it easy to create HDR photos on demand.

Maybe you don’t know what HDR is. Well, this is what it is in a nutshell:

An HDR image is commonly made by taking three photos of the same scene, each at different shutter speeds. The result is a bright, medium, and dark photo, based on the amount of light that got through the lens. A software process then combines all the photos to bring details to the shadows and highlights both. From Stuck in Customs

Aurora HDR makes it easy for your photographer to make dynamic images they “ooh” and “ahhh” over all the time. Get them a copy of the software, and you’ll love what they create.

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Camera Creatures Adorable Props for Photographers

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This has to be one of the cutest things I’ve seen. If your photographer works with kids, this is the perfect gift to help them achieve a level of interest from little kids. This Camera Creature photography prop will amuse and distract little ones and help your photographer get the shots needed to pay the bills. Camera Creatures come in a few different characters, so check out the assortment. And, they are super affordable at around $20. Why not get 2 or 3 props to help a photographer out?

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Acme Montgomery Street Camera Backpack

photography gifts

Acme Montgomery Street Camera Backpack protects your photog’s camera gear. A zip open side panel for fast access to a compact, mirrorless system or DSLR. A soft, quilted interior lining protects devices from scratches. Front organizer pocket for easy storage of personal items and an under the flap zipper pocket for hidden storage. The compact design is perfect for carrying on an airplane or in transit. It’s so affordable, you can get this and a second gift to really show the love this year.

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Peak Design Leash Camera Strap  & Peak Design Camera Leash Hand Strap

The Peak design team makes killer products. The Peak Design Camera Strap is super sexy and convenient. Your photographer will love the versatility of this camera strap because it can easily interchange with the Peak Design camera leash… which is a hand strap.


If your photographer wants to make carrying their camera hands free or hands on, the Peak Design team has a product for them.

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Durable and Rugged, Military Grade External Hard Drive for Photographers

military-grade-external-hard-drive, photography gifts

Let’s face it, photos eat up a lot of space on the computer. Your photographer absolutely must have an extra external hard drive to move their photos onto after downloading. Without getting photos off their computer they won’t be able to do anything else. Believe me… I just downloaded a thousand shots from my mirrorless camera to my hard drive and ran out of space. Really.

With an extra rugged hard drive, your photographer can rest assured that their photos will be safe. If your photographer likes to get out into rugged environments, this is the perfect drive for them. It’s military grade tested, rubberized, shock proof and will withstand drops, dings and other maladies facing them in the field.

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Neutral Density (ND) Filter Package for 50mm Lenses

nd-filter-set-for-50mm-lenses, gifts for photography enthusiast, cheap gifts for photographers, what to buy a photographer, gifts for photographers under $25, best gifts for photographers 2015, gifts for photographers under $20,52MM Altura Photo Neutral Density Professional Photography Filter Set (ND2 ND4 ND8) is just right for the photographer who uses a 50mm lens. If you aren’t sure if the photog in your life has a 50mm lens, just ask!

Most photographers own a versatile 50mm lens. The ND filters will let them take shots in bright daylight, shots of water that look like they are flowing in smooth, milky scenes, and under other circumstances.

Every photographer needs a good set of filters, and this one has 3 options – from bright light to darker situations, this pack will get it done.

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Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for LCD Screen & Camera Lenses

Everyone needs clean lenses and LCD screens. This pack will take care of all the lenses and screens your photographer owns. It’s a no brainer gift that your photographer will appreciate.

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Tony Northrup’s Guide on How to Create Stunning Digital Photography

best gifts for photographers

Tony Northrup is an award-winning photographer and photography teacher. He has compiled a system that will help the photographer in your life grow their craft, create better photos, and gain the skills needed to even make a living from their work. Pick this book & video course up for a really great price – your photographer will love you for helping them learn how to become a better photographer.

This free e-book comes with lifetime updates. When you buy the book your photographer can join the private Stunning Digital Photography readers community. The e-book is regularly updated with new content and videos as new photography trends and equipment emerge, so it never becomes outdated.

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Neoprene Camera Case: Reversible (Large) For Canon, Fuji, Fujifilm, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung, Sony DSLR Cameras

neoprene camera case

This is the perfect gift to keep your photographers camera safe in a messenger bag or backpack on the go. This case fits around most standard DSLR’s and lenses. It’s perfect for your photographer husband or wife who likes to carry their camera on vacation or out hiking in the mountains… or to the park to take photos of the kids.

It’s lightweight yet durable. Your photographer can wrap up their dslr camera and leave the bulky backpack of gear at home. No need to carry the pack with “everything” in it when he can take his favorite lens and leave the rest behind.

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Cam Caddie Scorpion Jr. Video Camera Stabilizing Handle with Included Smartphone and GoPro Compatible Mounts

Whys is this one of best gifts for photographers 2016? Because it will have your photgrapher in movie mode. Get your photographer a steady mount to stabilize their videos when using their mirrorless, dslr, GoPro or cell phone cameras. It helps to eliminate camera shake when making videos… and it looks soooo professional. It will push your photographer into videography, and let them create some cool movies of your kids, or pets, or parents, or vacation.

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Domke Mirrorless Camera Shoulder or Belt Bag (Convertible Messenger Bag)

domke mirrorless camera bag, mirrorless camera bags

This bag is the perfect size for a mirrorless camera kit and a couple of lenses. It’s not too big, not too small… it’s just right. People love it because it’s the perfect blend of masculine and rugged without drawing attention to the fact that it’s a camera bag and holds an expensive set of equipment. The shoulder strap, not seen, is super durable and comfortable.

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ZOE Blue Camera Tote

best photography gifts, gifts for photographers 2016

Pick up a soft, fabric camera bag with a cinch opening. Perfect for a mirrorless or dslr camera. These come in 3 sizes, so make sure you get the size that fits their camera. It has a padded interior quilted to keep your gear safe on your arm or in your bag – but more likely in a bag. It’s an affordable and stylish way to protect a camera without having to buy a big bag.

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Learn more about padded inserts to protect camera gear in our exhaustive Camera Bag Insert Resource Article





Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera

best gifts for photographers

Have fun taking quick shots at a party or anywhere you want to take fun Polaroid style photos on the fly. Fujifilm’s Mini 50S takes a picture and gives you a 2.4 x 1.8″ color print right away using Fujifilm Instax Mini instant film. People love how much fun these are at parties.

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HTC RE 16.0MP Waterproof Digital Camera

waterproof gopro, waterproof hand held cameraCapture group selfies, stunning wide-angle landscape images, time-lapse shots to watch snow accumulate, or take cool slow motion and action videos when you attach the camera to your toddler.

You can take it in the pool to get neat images of kids goofing around in the summer sun – it’s a playful camera to make fun images for a great price.

The RE Handheld Waterproof Camera is perfect for your photographer to throw into their camera bag and use when they want to capture some unique shots without changing lenses on their dslr.

Or it’s a fun gift for parents to use underwater at the beach or in the pool. Versatility makes it the perfect gift for your photographer.

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Anker Four in One USB Multi-Card Reader

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Four in One – read and write on four cards with the Anker USB card reader.. The Anker USB card reader has speeds up to 5Gbps and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.1. Fully powered via the USB port with no power supply other than the USB port required. This is an awesome gift for your photographer. Instead of hooking their camera up to the computer, they can plug in their memory card and let ’em rip.

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Koolerton Padded Camera Insert for Backpacks, Totes, Messengers

padded inserts for camera bags and backpacksThese come in 4 colors – Black, Orange, Blue and Red. They fit easily into a backpack, messenger bag or tote bag. And, if you are traveling, your photographer can get one for their carry-on to hold extra lenses or a second DSLR body.

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Pick up a Cool Camera Bag here for your photographer and drop a few photography books to inspire creativity in it – or send them to their Kindle as a gift.

Does your photographer want to learn more skills via online photography courses? Creative Live has what they need at affordable prices. Buy a photography course so they can learn how to become a top-notch wedding photographer this year.