Best Camera Backpack [?]


best camera backpack, best camera bag for hiking

The Best Camera Backpack has 3 features:

  1. Carries all your camera gear and everything you [think] you need easily
  2. Is comfortable + doesn’t put too much stress on your frame
  3. Fits your aesthetic & image seamlessly

Is there ONE best camera backpack for everyone? No. Each to his or her own when it comes to personalizing your dslr or mirrorless camera backpack situation. But to start you off I’ve put together 4 camera backpack choices that will lead you in the right direction in the relentless pursuit of the best camera backpack for you.


Best Hiking Camera Backpacks for Men and Women


burton fstop

Burton F-Stop Camera Backpack

Afraid you are going to leave something behind? Want a camera backpack to carry everything you need and be a true pack-mule?  Burton’s F-stop is the perfect bag for anything and everything you would need to carry.

The Burton F-Stop – Urban Pack, Hiking and Mountaineering Camera Backpack – is made from 400D Nylon Heather Crinkle Fabric. It comes with super comfy shoulder straps, has a sternum strap to keep your pack tight against your body in active situations, and a load balanced waist strap lets you carry the load lower on your body for all day comfort.burton fstop, best backpack for dslr, rugged camera backpack, rugged camera bag

You can strap on a snowboard or tripod with the forward facing pack straps. And, plenty of cord, battery, lens filter storage in a removable pouch gives you the space you need to get everything to the top of the mountain. Internally, you can customize how you pack your camera gear by rearranging the padded dividers as you see fit. Maybe you need a couple of camera bodies and just a few lenses… no problem. You OWN this pack! Burton knows you well and makes this bag with a ton of stash pockets and extra compartments for you to empty your photography studio into – along with your medicine cabinet and snack bar.

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fstop gear sukha mountain, best hiking camera backpack, best hiking camera bags

F-stop Sukha Mountain Outdoor Photography Backpack

Looking for a dslr camera backpack to carry all of your lenses, a couple of camera bodies and quite a bit of extra gear? F-stop, Gura Gear, LowePro, Tamrac, Incase, Burton and other brands make camera backpacks that are perfect for carrying a ton of gear to an outdoor photoshoot. Check out the F-stop Sukha Mountain if you are a long lens shooter. It’s got space for your telephoto lenses and a lot of extra camera gear.


Best All-Around Camera Backpack for Short Trips

Kataa Bumblebee, best daytime camera backpack, camera backpack with laptopKataa Bumblebee Photographer’s Backpack

My first camera bag was the Kataa Bumblebee. I bought it for a work trip and loved having my camera fully protected by all the padding. It’s a great backpack to protect camera gear and was the best camera backpack I could find when I bought it. Where the Kataa Bumblebee was perfect for protecting camera gear, it wasn’t all that great for carrying work documents or my essentials when traveling abroad.

While the Kataa Bumblebee is awesome for most everything it only has one small compartment on top of the padded section of the pack to carry things like passports, wallets, batteries, cords, and and a computer mouse.

What I do like about the Kataa Bumblebee is that it has a really bright yellow interior to help find lenses, caps, cords, filters and everything you may lose in an all black interior.

The all around padding makes this bag extremely protective of expensive gear. I never worry that my camera will be broken or suffer undue bumps and bruises when traveling. If you need a solid pack to get you around town or up the mountain on a short day hike, this is a great option for a camera day pack.

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Best Urban Camera Bag – DIY

kletterwerks market bag, camera bagsKletterwerks Market Bag

When image is everything and you don’t want to carry a camera backpack… there are a ton of options. I like to carry a bag that fits my image seamlessy – and then stash my camera in it.

Something as basic as the Kletterwerks Market Bag and camera is enough to get me around without weighing me down. The Kletterwerks Market Bag comes in a lot of colors and is made from top-notch fabrics that will last a lifetime.

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Bonus: Neoprene Camera Insert

Neoprene Camera Wrap, padded camera insert

Pick up a neoprene stretchy camera wrap to protect the body and lens from jostling around in the bag and you are good to go. Simple as pie. The beauty of neoprene camera wraps to protect your dslr or mirrorless camera is the simplicity it creates for you. You can use the bag you already love to carry without having to re-pack your personal stuff into a separate camera bag. Your bag is already packed… just protect your camera and get going.

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Now that you have some the best camera backpack & camera bag options – explore the possibilities. Think about what you need to accomplish, then shop around for the best camera bag for your specific dslr carry needs. You may need to get a couple of different bags in your arsenal for each situation that comes up.