Best Camera Backpack for Hiking


Best Camera Backpack for Hiking

When choosing the best camera backpack for hiking, you’ll want to consider 3 key aspects of your trip.

  1. How long you’ll be gone.
  2. What you will be shooting and how much gear you will need.
  3. What’s the weather like.

Best Camera Backpack for Extended Day trips:

If you are heading out for a backpacking day trip up the mountain with shooting-as-you-go, you’ll want to pick up a camera backpack that has enough room for a few lenses and an extra camera body. You’ll also want to get a pack that has enough room for extra batteries, filters, a light-weight tripod, water bottle, snacks and a rain cover either built into the pack or a pocket to stash one away.


Lowepro Photo Sport BP 200 AW II

best camera backpack for hiking and daytripsThe Lowepro Photo Sport has a side opening camera compartment so you don’t have to take your pack off. Plenty of internal space to protect your gear and stash the extras you’ll need when photographing in extreme conditions. This pack is lighter weight and has the bells and whistles needed to make a day of photography on the mountain fun and not burdensome.

Weather resistant, high-tech materials mean you don’t have to stop mid-pace because of a little rain. For more serious weather you can deploy the All Weather AW Cover™ for superior protection of your pack and photography gear. Learn More



Best Camera Backpack for Expeditions and Back Country Performance:

Whistler BP 350 AW or 450 AW

Lowepro Whistler 450 AW All Weather Camera Backpack for Hiking Features

The Lowepro Whistler series of packs have everything you need to travel to the top of the mountain.

With external lash points that can carry your skis, snowboard, tripod, ice axes or other inclement weather gear, this pack is the right one for the job.

The Lowepro Whistler packs have technical suspension systems to ease the carrying load and help evenly distribute weight at your hips and chest.

Keeping the center of gravity lower on your back is essential to not falling over while hiking up the mountain.

A key feature in the Whistler series is the ability to separate your camera gear from the weather or the rest of your equipment.

The Whistler packs open from the back panel and keeps your gear away from the elements and wet stuff on the front of the pack.

The pack material is coated in a water resistant TPU which lets water, mud, and snow roll easily off the exterior while keeping the inside dry. The TPU fabric treatment makes the Whistler packs some of the best camera backpacks for travel in adverse conditions.

Another amazing feature is a front opening dedicated wet pocket. The two packs in the Whistler Series have a dedicated storage area with a waterproof barrier between wet gear and the camera box.

When you are finished shooting, turn the pack face down and use the pack as a portable desk on the fly. Put your laptop on it and plug in to upload photos or review your work.

The Whistler pack series comes in 2 depth sizes, but both have the same feature set. Learn more about the Lowepro Whistler BP 350 AW or 450 AW.

Best Camera Backpacks for Everyday Adventures & Short Day Trips:

best camera backpack for hiking and daytripsFlipside Trek BP 350 AW

Outdoor camera backpack for photographers who need to bring a balance of photo and personal gear for a day’s adventure in nature. Read more about the Flipside packs here. The Flipside Trek comes in 3 sizes. You can get a smaller version to carry your mirrorless camera and gear or choose from 2 larger sizes and get more room for your dslr and lenses. Learn More


Professional Camera Backpacks for Hiking:

Pro Trekker 650 AW

best professional camera backpack for hiking trips, best camera backpacks for hiking

The Pro Trekker 650 AW is a big-glass pack! It’s the ultimate expedition pack built to provide long-wearing comfort and a lot of capacity for all your professional camera gear. This pack will fill up nicely, but it will be very heavy when fully loaded. There are plenty of stash pockets on the exterior to hold everything you need. Dimensions on this pack are: 21.65 x 14.41 x 24.88 in. Learn More

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