Why Digital Camera Bag HQ?

Photography gear and photography bags are fascinating. The compartments, materials, extra straps and lash points outside the bags are not only functional, they are cool to look at and get lost in.


DCBHQ Purpose:

Digital Camera Bag HQ focuses primarily on the best camera bags & accessories for digital photographers. My goal is to help you find the best way to carry your gear. Not everyone wants to use a big, bulky camera bag. And, there are a lot of options available if that’s just not you. You’ll find a lot of articles about alternative ways to carry your gear, like using camera bag inserts for you camera and lenses or neoprene wraps to protect your camera in your existing messenger, tote or backpack.

I usually carry my gear using Tenba wraps or a neoprene camera case in my favorite bag. But if you are a seasoned photographer heading out to a shoot, you’ll find a lot of articles featuring camera bags for wedding photographers and other pros who need to carry a lot of equipment to a location.


About Me:

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For the past decade I’ve been designing bags and accessories for brands you love at the places you shop – the brands which have built American clothing & denim culture. And like everyone who has a camera, I’ve been falling in love with digital photography and the ease of sharing on places like Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook.

My Gear:

I have a Canon 7D and a few lenses I use to capture my style of photography –  it’s called Macro Expressionism. Combining my love of photography and bags in one place made sense… therefore… DCBHQ was launched on a dream.

Become a featured photographer:

I would love to know what drives you to take pics, the bag you carry, and what your DSLR you are using.

Contact me at digitalcamerabaghq (@) gmail (dot) com if you have a bag you want to share on the site or would like to see reviewed.

Take a few pics of your everyday carry bag and be a featured photographer!