10 Camera Bag Brands You Need to Know

Finding the best camera bag brands in a sea of marginal offerings that always climb to the top of the heap on Amazon is a challenge.  So, we’ve compiled a list of “our” top 10 camera bag brands you need to know to make your job of finding the right bag to carry your dslr or mirrorless camera easy.


10 Camera Bag Brands You Need to Know


1. Chrome Industries Camera Bags

One of our favorite bag brands, who also make camera bags, is CHROME.  They have a couple of water resistant dslr packs to wear in all weather conditions. The CHROME aesthetic is street smart, urban gear for the bad ass photographer who has an image to uphold.

Chrome Camera Backpacks


2. Burton Camera Bags

Burton makes outdoor friendly camera bags for action and adventure sportists. With a lot of pockets and attach points outside the bag, you can pack a lot of gear for a day on the mountain or trek through the woods. Going to explore a little cabin in the Berkshires? Pick up a Burton camera backpack to house your favorite dslr or mirrorless camera.

Burton Camera Backpacks


3. RVCA Zak Noyle Camera Bag

“We wanted to create fashion yet major function throughout. Everything has a reason on size or the way it closes. The camera compartment on the bottom was selfishly sized to fit my exact cameras as I have the largest height of any Canon camera body made so you know every DSLR camera will fit without being too tall. And yes my full size SPL Waterhousing with two handles on the sides fits in the top and closes! The top features a roll down and clip-to-close function; this allows you to have more or less room as you need for different items packed. – Zak”

The RVCA signature Zak Noyle camera bag designed from the ground up by surf photographer Zak Noyle himself. It’s made from water repellent fabric and has a removable camera compartment, a laptop compartment and extra storage pockets for all that loose photography gear that floats around in your bag.

RVCA camera bags


4. Crumpler Camera Bags

If you’re looking for a camera bag and strap combo to brighten your day, Crumpler, an AU company, has some dope camera bags for the more Heritage and quirky guy or gal. From small camera carrying cases to larger backpacks, you can find a camera bag or padded camera insert to use with your dslr or mirrorless camera.

crumpler camera bags

5. Holdfast Roamographer Camera Bag

The Roamographer camera bag is a handsome work of art. Made right here in the USA by Holdfast, in the humble state of Oklahoma, the all leather camera duffel bag is more than a nifty way to get your gear to the next location… it’s a rugged, handsome, manly man’s bag. If you can afford this, you won’t be disappointed.

Holdfast camera bags, camera bag

6. Lowepro Camera Bags

Lowepro is the consummate camera bag brand. Are you a street photographer, a drone photographer, a mirrorless camera photography expert or a classic dslr geek? Whatever you need, where ever you need to go, however much photography gear you need to carry, Lowepro has a bag for you. Check out Lowepro’s drone backpack… and more. Lowepro has literally every bag you’d ever want for any photography situation you’ll find yourself in.

Lowepro camera bags

7. Kelly Moore Camera Bags for Women

A stylish and functional camera bag for women… that looks like a handbag…. yeah, that’s what she wants! And, Kelly Moore has that bag. Kelly Moore has a line of camera bags for women that will make heads turn. Not only are the handbags, tote bags & messengers stunning, they carry your camera and gear around town without the typical camera bag aesthetic. Learn more about the Kelly Moore brand & how she started her camera bag line here.

Kelly Moore Camera Bags for Women

8. Porteen Gear Camera Bags

You’ve probably never considered making your own custom camera bag, but with Porteen Gear, you can choose your own fabrics, size, and some details to create a one-of-a-kind unique camera bag just for you. Porteen Gear started on Etsy and is now making their way on the www to global DIY camera bag dominance. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they have an awesome concept that is growing.

“We are Explorers and Seekers and so are our customers. Over 12,000 photographers are carrying Porteen Gear Bags worldwide. Started in 2010 on a bootstrap Porteen Gear is a company that values excellent customer service and functional, quality products. All items are handmade in our studio in Grand Rapids, MI.” – Porteen Gear

Check out their bag builder page and create something as unique as your photography – or pick up a ready made Porteen Gear bag from their in-stock offering. Kudos to Porteen Gear for being another Made in the USA camera accessory brand.

Porteen Gear Camera Bags


9. Hawkesmill Camera Bags

Jumping across the pond to England from the USA, you’ll find Hawkesmill capitalizing on the Made in England movement.

“We have a very simple goal: we want to create the best camera bags and leather camera straps money can buy. It is our intention to forward the current “Made in England” movement and help England regain its former glory as a nation that was known for creating some of the finest products on Earth. After all, this is where manufacturing began.” – Hawkesmill

Hawkesmill camera bags


10. Manfrotto Camera Bags

Manfrotto is more than camera gear… they make a full line of camera bags to satisfy every photography opportunity you’ll find yourself in. The biggest problem I have with Manfrotto is picking out which bag I like best. Manfrotto came out with a new line of bags this year, and I’m really interested in picking up this tote. It’s a unique concept, carries a lot of gear and is an awesome camera bag for travel.

Manfrotto Camera Bags



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